Community Supported Bakery Subscriptions

If you would like Mill Song bread to become a weekly or every-other-week staple in your household, please sign up for a Subscription!  To set up a CSB Subscription, call (540) 434-1001 and let us know you are interested. We will call you back to exchange all necessary information.

It Works like a Magazine Subscription (mostly): You pay us a sum up front (see How to Pay) whatever amount that works for you budget, and tell us what loaf/loaves, or a rotation you would like to receive and where you want to pick up (see pick-up locations).  We bake your bread and have it available with your name on it at the location you choose.  All you have to do is pick it up!  We will communicate with you when your balance starts to get low.  You let us know when you are headed out of town or when you need extra bread for the special events in your life.

The Rotation option: Most people choose to start their subscription with a rotation of all our breads until they pick their favorites that become part of their lives.  When you are ready to narrow down your bread selection, call and leave a message at (540) 434-1001.

The Regular option: You want the same bread every week.

The Call-In option : Call by 7pm on Thursday each week with a different order.  If you don't call in, we can either hold your order or give you the same bread you got the week prior. (We will clarify this when you set up your subscription).

The Hybrid option: Some kind of hybrid of the first two options to fit your needs.  And if you don't fit into these examples, just call and ask!  We'll see what we can work out.  :)

To be sure, you're not locked into any schedule if you sign up.  There are many options with a Mill Song Bakery CSB subscriptionAny changes to your order are acceptable. Just call us before 7pm on Thursday of that week to change your order.  Want to try a different loaf?  Having guests and need more?  Going out of town and want to put your subscription on-hold?  No problem.  We are flexible and will only deduct what you buy from your credit.

Note: if you do not postpone your order by calling us before 7pm on Thursday and you have funds in your account, we will bake your bread.  If you do not pick up your bread, you are still charged for it!  We baked it and set it aside for you!  :)

Mill Song Bakery CSB Subscription Terms

Adapted from Wide Awake Bakery, with permission.  :)

You can sign up for a CSB Share account at any time, and YES, we do still have room for new members.

Snow Days and other such: It is important to us that we always try our very hardest to get our products to our customers!  This may include a caravan of toboggans walking bread through the snow to the Farmers Market and neighborhood pick-up locations, if necessary. :)  However, in the rare, unlikely event that we prepare your bread but we are unable to deliver it safely, you will STILL be charged for your bread (or you could certainly come and get it yourself if you are able).  We are a Community Supported Bakery; we do our very best to get you your loaf; you help us when circumstances conspire against us.  We support you and you support us.