Mill Song Bakery | Bread Menu

All our breads are naturally leavened, that is, no commercial yeast. We do not buy flour, but stone-mill our own flour fresh from local grains from the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The French Peasant

A crusty hearth loaf with a moist interior, shaped long or round. Inspired by the classic French breads of the 19th century.


Sunflower Spelt

An ancient ancestor of wheat, spelt is lighter, with a softer interior and a nutty flavor. Our sunflower seed spelt bread makes great toast or sandwiches.


Lunchbox Loaf

A whole wheat pan loaf with soaked seeds and cracked grains, perfect for sandwiches.

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Old World Rye

An authentic Northern European rye bread with flax and sunflower seeds. Robust and delicious!

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