Thanks to Virginia Cooperative Extension for making a great short film about local grains, farms, flour, and bread, featuring Mill Song Bakery. Thanks to Eric Bendfeldt, French Price, and Ernie Didot!

Mill Song Bakery | Bread Menu

Mill Song Bakery is a state-inspected home bakery!  All our breads are naturally leavened; we do not use any commercial yeast in our breads.  We do not buy any flour, but stone mill our own flour on-site weekly, and source our grains from the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The French Peasant

A crusty 100% whole wheat hearth loaf with an airy, moist interior. Inspired by the French country breads of the 19th century.


Lunchbox Loaf

Artisan bread with less crunch. A 100% whole wheat sandwich loaf with a moist interior. Easy to slice and great for toast!


Seeded Lunchbox Loaf

A hearty 100% whole grain sandwich loaf packed with soaked seeds and cracked grain porridge in every bite! Moist and light for easy slicing!


Sunflower Spelt

Spelt is an ancient ancestor of wheat with a nutty flavor.  It has less gluten than wheat and is easier to digest. 100% whole grain pan loaf, great for toast!


Toasted Sesame Loaf

A whole wheat bread packed with umami sesame flavor in every bite.


Levain Hommage à Poilâne

A hearth bread made with stone ground, partially sifted stone-ground (Type-80) flour. Our lightest dough with a thin, crispy crust and a natural sweetness. An authentic French city bread from circa 1800.


2 Kilo Miche Hommage à Poilâne

The ultimate party bread! Made with Levain Poliâne dough in a large round size; perfect for huge slices or big groups. Half and quarter loaves available.


San Fran
Sandwich Bread

A sourdough sandwich loaf made with our own partially sifted stone-ground (Type-80) flour. Light and naturally sweet.


Pan Rustico

Our 100% whole wheat ciabatta. A large loaf. Great for ripping and dipping. Crunchy exterior, moist open interior.

Whole $8, Half $4

Baguette au Levain

TEMPORARILY OUT OF ROTATION: An early Parisian baguette. Also called Baguette a l'ancienne. Crispy, sweet, and open, with an even sour.


Chocolate Apple Pumpernickel

TEMPORARILY OUT OF ROTATION: A dense, dark, northern European-style rye bread. Sweetened with local organic sorghum syrup. Try it while it's in rotation!



No sugar, lightly sweetened with PA maple syrup and local honey (Yum!). No cheap vegetable oils, only organic virgin coconut oil. Great for breakfast or snacking. Comes in $4, $8, or $16 sizes. 

$8 per Lb.