Standing Order

You may make a one-time pre-order any week, but if you know you want to order regularly (weekly, every other week, or otherwise), we offer pay-as-you-go standing orders. (And pre-paid CSB shares.)

It works like this: you tell us what loaf/loaves you would like to receive and where you would like to pick up (see pick-up locations). We bake your bread and have it available with your name on it at the location you choose.

We will plan to make bread for you on the regular schedule you choose unless you let us know otherwise. And to be sure, you're not locked into any schedule if you sign up. There are many options with a Mill Song Bakery standing order. For example, if you ask for a spelt loaf every week, then after a few weeks you want to change your order in any way, just call us before 7pm on Thursday of that week to change your order. Want to try a different loaf? Have guests and need more? Going out of town and want to postpone? No problem. We are flexible if you communicate with us ahead of time.

Note: if you do not postpone your order by calling us before 7pm on Thursday, we are planning on your order. If you do not pick up your bread, we ask that you pay for it before you receive another loaf! We baked it and set it aside for you! :)

How to sign up

We handle all orders by telephone only, there is not an online order option.

Please leave a voicemail message at (540) 434-1001 with:

We will call you back to confirm your standing order.

How to pay

We accept any of the following methods of payment. Please pay on or before the day you pick up your first loaf. Note: Neighborhood pick-up locations do not receive any payments; please pay through direct deposit (if you bank at Park View) or mail us a check.

  • Cash

  • Checks made out to “Mill Song Bakery”

  • Direct deposits through Park View Federal Credit Union

      • By phone: Call in and ask to transfer to the Mill Song Bakery checking account

      • Online: Send a "member to member" transfer to us with the following information: MIL, Checking, 2500, 48359

Mill Song Bakery Standing Order Terms

Adapted from Wide Awake Bakery, with permission. :)

You may sign up for a standing order at any time. You may cancel an order at any time, but if you cancel after 7pm on Thursday we still need payment for the following Saturday, as we have already begun to prepare your bread.

Missed Bread: If you miss your pickup day, the bread may be GONE. You are welcome to call to check if we have your loaf at the bakery, but we only guarantee to hold your bread until 8pm on Saturday. If you don’t pick up your bread at the Saturday Farmers Market, we will bring it to Mill Song Bakery (1130 Lincolnshire Drive) and hold it for you until 8pm that day. That said, we are also happy to work with your needs. If the Saturday pick up time doesn't work, we are happy to hold the loaf longer if you communicate with us and we know you're coming.

Snow Days and other such: It is important to us that we always try our very hardest to get our products to our customers! This may include a caravan of toboggans walking bread through the snow to the Farmers Market and neighborhood pick-up locations, if necessary. :) However, in the rare, unlikely event that we prepare your bread but we are unable to deliver it safely, you will STILL be charged for your bread (and you could certainly come and get it yourself if you are able). We are a CSB, a Community Supported Bakery; we do our very best to get you your loaf; you help us when circumstances conspire against us. We support you and you support us.