How to order

We handle all orders by telephone only, there is not an online order option.

Whether you're making a one-time pre-order or wanting to start a CSB share or standing order, please leave us a voicemail message at (540) 434-1001 with:

Note: We will call you back to confirm CSB shares and standing orders, but will only return a pre-order call if we have questions. Please call by 7pm on Thursday to guarantee your order.

How to pay

We accept any of the following methods of payment. Please pay on or before the day you pick up your first loaf. Note: Neighborhood pick-up locations do not receive any payments; please pay through direct deposit (if you bank at Park View) or mail us a check.

  • Cash

  • Checks made out to “Mill Song Bakery”

  • Direct deposits through Park View Federal Credit Union

      • By phone: Call in and ask to transfer to the Mill Song Bakery checking account

      • Online: Send a "member to member" transfer to us with the following information: MIL, Checking, 2500, 48359